The “Great Lockdown Recession”: Is This a Good Time to Start Investing?
Covid-19 has been devastating for many workers and industries, but investors are divided as to whether ...
29 April 2020
sugarbook sugar baby singapore
Being A Sugar Baby in Singapore — How Much Money Can This Controversial “Job” Make?
You can say that the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel have completely changed the ...
18 March 2020
3 Money-Related Questions Nosy Relatives Like To Ask During CNY
For those who are stuck visiting relatives they barely know, Chinese New Year is probably the most hated ...
7 January 2020
e scooter ban
Should E-Scooters be Banned in Singapore? 5 Alternatives to an Outright Ban
Update: Effective from Nov 5 2019, e-scooters have been banned from footpaths. You can only use them on ...
8 October 2019
early retirement singapore
Early Retirement in Singapore — Is the FIRE Movement Possible Here?
Just like how miles chasers live for the day they fly SQ Suites, or how BTS fans can finally die happy ...
27 September 2019
haze in singapore
Haze in Singapore: 7 Ways Singaporeans Can Prepare Themselves & Stay Healthy
So it looks like the haze isn’t going to go away anytime soon. While haze seems pretty harmless by and ...
20 September 2019
cash singapore
Cashless Society? Wait Long Long. 5 Reasons Why We Still Use Cash in Singapore
Like a lot of Singaporeans I know, I own several credit cards and my phone is loaded with Apple Pay, FavePay ...
9 September 2019
food court singapore
5 Reasons Why Eating at Food Courts in Singapore Makes You Broke
Not content with just hawking pork floss buns and peanut butter thick toasts, the BreadTalk empire is now ...
6 September 2019
furpal dog rental singapore
Furpal Singapore — Would You “Sell” Playtime With Your Dog For $10 Per Hour?
If you have a dog or are a dog lover, you may have heard of the newest pet business in town: Furpal. With ...
30 August 2019
personal loan advertising
Personal Loans Should Be for Emergencies, Not Frivolous Shopping
Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve received 3 phone calls from several banks in Singapore, all asking if I’m interested ...
26 July 2019
4 Reasons Why Millennial-Targeted Greenwashing is Actually Good for Singapore
Seems like you can’t walk 5 steps in a shopping mall these days without encountering what my colleague ...
11 July 2019
redmart lazada singapore
RedMart on Lazada: One Month On, Was It the Right Move to Merge RedMart with Lazada?
It has been slightly over a month since RedMart moved to Lazada. And it has also been the exact same amount ...
29 April 2019
financial mistakes for couples
5 Financial Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Marriage
Getting married is not easy, what with the cost of weddings in Singapore, so it’s worthwhile making the ...
24 April 2019
increasing singapore's birth rate
How to Increase Singapore’s Birth Rate and Encourage Parents to Have More Kids
Having a child takes a lot out of you. 9 months of physically and emotionally draining pregnancy followed ...
12 March 2019
International Women’s Day 2019 – Is There Gender Equality in Singapore?
The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalancedForBetter, which encourages us to take action ...
4 March 2019
NTUC Insurance Droplet Insures You Against Grab & Gojek Surge Pricing – Ridiculous or Useful?
Guess the folks at NTUC Income are being pushed to think out of the box, because they’re now pushing this ...
25 January 2019
old with no children senior citizens
No Kids? Singaporeans Without Children Can Do These 5 Things to Plan for Old Age
Singaporeans are becoming extinct thanks to our spectacularly low birth rate. Many have chosen to live ...
19 November 2018
fines in singapore
Fines in Singapore – 9 Things You Don’t Want To Be Caught Doing
Singapore is not known as a fine city for nothing. Just making sure you don’t murder someone or peddle ...
5 November 2018
5 things that will be more expensive singapore 2019
Cost of Living in Singapore Going Up – 5 Things That Will Get More Expensive in 2019
“Singapore so expensive!” and “Wah lao, [insert hawker dish here] price went up again!” are common refrains ...
1 November 2018
horror stories financial woes
10 Freakishly Relatable Financial Nightmares & Horror Stories Every Singaporean Would Know
Horror doesn’t always come in the form of bloodied zombies and screeching banshees. In fact, there are ...
23 October 2018
cashless hawker centre
5 Chilling (Yet Probable) Consequences Of Hawker Centres Going Cashless 
On the surface, going cashless at hawker centres seems like a dream. It’s like that Visa PayWave ad, right? ...
17 October 2018
migrate to australia sydney
Migrating to Australia – Cost of Living, Annual Salaries and Taxes
If you are reading this from your cramped office cubicle, or on your mobile while enduring a sardine packed ...
8 October 2018
migrate to vancouver sg
How to Migrate to Canada: Why Migrate and How Much Does It Cost?
Singaporeans live in a melting pot of cultures, so it comes as no surprise that Canada, with its diverse ...
4 October 2018
Want to Migrate from Singapore to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK or US? Here’s a Look at the Costs of Living Overseas
We may have char kway teow in Singapore, but we also have sky-high property prices, poor work-life balance ...
28 September 2018
urban farming singapore green how to save money
How to Save Money and Be Green At the Same Time: 3 Key Trends in Singapore
Singapore is the last country on earth where you would expect anyone to care about the environment. People ...
28 September 2018