Considering Moving To Ulu Punggol? Here’s Our Punggol Survival Guide

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It’s true – Punggol is hardly anyone’s dream estate. But while it’s no Tampines or Bishan, it sure is getting there. There are waterfront HDB flats, the convenient Waterway Point mega mall, and even a second upcoming Punggol Coast MRT. Best of all, since it’s a non-mature estate that’s still recovering from its “ulu-marshland” reputation, Punggol BTO prices are relatively affordable.

I recently moved into Punggol, and like many young couples, it was part of my “grand investment plan”- get married, snag a BTO, and then sell it. But after living there for little over a month, I realise that it’s not half as bad as my awful friends make it out to be.

In fact, at the rate our taxpayer money is transforming Punggol, I think I might reconsider moving out in 5 years. For all its family parks and quaint cafes, the estate has truly grown on me. But until it becomes a full blown heartland central, here’s a survival guide of its most useful amenities and hangout spots.


  1. Punggol public transport guide 
  2. Supermarkets in Punggol 
  3. Shopping malls in Punggol 
  4. Dining options in Punggol 


Getting around: public transport in Punggol

In its early days, Punggol got a lot of flak for being a traffic bottleneck. However, thanks to new roads and public transport upgrades, it’s a lot better.

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Punggol MRT

On one end of the North East MRT line is Punggol MRT. A ride on the entire purple line – which runs from Punggol to Harbourfront – will cost $1.69 and take 32 minutes. Punggol MRT is also connected to Waterway Point, Punggol bus interchange, and the Punggol LRT.

Currently, Punggol is the only MRT station in the area. However, plans are already underway and a Punggol Coast is expected to be up and running by 2023. The recently released Punggol BTO (Punggol Point Woods/Cove, Aug 2018) is located on Northshore drive, which is just a traffic light away from this new MRT.

Punggol LRT

There are 15 stations on the Punggol LRT line, which is a “butterfly loop” that covers the east and west Punggol, intersecting at Punggol MRT. So if you stay in an ulu corner of Punggol, you can take the MRT to Punggol before changing to the LRT line.

There is one station, Teck Lee, which is not in operation.

Punggol bus interchange (Punggol Temp Int, 65009)

Naturally, there’s also a bus interchange at the main Punggol central. New bus services were added in 2015 to improve accessibility within the area, so “cycle everywhere” can finally be a joke (and not reality).

Bus number From Punggol Temp Int to…
3 Tampines
34 Changi Airport (loop)
34A Opposite Tampines Stadium (weekdays only)
43 Upper East Coast
43M, 82 Serangoon Central (loop)
50 Bishan
62 Sims Avenue (loop)
62A Aljunied MRT (weekdays only)
83 Sengkang (loop)
84 Punggol Road End (loop)
85 Yishun
117 Sembawang
118 Changi Business Park
119 Hougang Street 21 (loop)
136 Ang Mo Kio
381 Punggol East (loop)
382W Sumang Link (loop)
382G Sumang Link (loop)
386 Punggol Plaza (loop)
386A Edgedale Plains (weekdays only)

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Grocery shopping: supermarkets in Punggol

One of the things I was initially quite concerned about was stocking up my fridge – got NTUC Fairprice not? Where will I get my groceries?

NTUC Fairprice stores in Punggol

Well, there are actually 4 NTUC Fairprice stores, 2 of which are open 24-7.

NTUC Fairprice stores  Opening hours Address
Waterway Point (Fairprice Finest) 24h 83 Punggol Central #B2-32 Waterway Point Singapore 828761
Punggol Drive 24h Blk 612 Punggol Drive #01-06 Singapore 820612
Punggol Plaza 7am to 11pm 168 Punggol Field Road #03-01/02 Punggol Plaza, Singapore 820168
Punggol Drive Oasis 7am to 11pm 681 Punggol Drive Oasis Terraces #B1-01 Singapore 820681

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Aside from those, there are also several other supermarkets in the area, including U Stars Supermarket, Sheng Siong and Ang Mo supermarket.

U Stars Supermarkets in Punggol

U Stars Supermarket stores  Opening hours  Address
Punggol Way 24h 261 Punggol Way #01-02
Sumang Walk 24h 218 Sumang Walk #01-01 Singapore 820218

Sheng Siong supermarkets in Punggol

Sheng Siong stores Opening hours Address
Sheng Siong (Punggol Central) 24h 301 Punggol Central
Sheng Siong (Sumang Link) 24h 312A Sumang Link #01-04
Sheng Siong (Edgedale Plains) 24h 660A Edgedale Plains #01-01

Giant supermarkets in Punggol

Giant stores Opening hours Address
Giant Express 24h 622D Punggol Central
Giant Express (Edgedale Plains) 24h 671 Edgefield Plains #02-01

Ang Mo supermarkets in Punggol

Ang Mo supermarket stores Opening hours Address
Ang Mo Supermarket (Punggol Drive) 10pm 639 Punggol Drive
Ang Mo Supermarket (Punggol Field) 9pm 196A Punggol Field

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Shopping malls: Waterway Point & Punggol Plaza

There are two main shopping malls in Punggol – Waterway Point and Punggol Plaza. Waterway Point is the more central of the two, as it’s right at Punggol MRT. It’s also the bigger, better one – from an electronics megastore (Best Denki) to everyone’s favourite budget mart (Daiso), there’s everything there. There’s even a 24-hour NTUC Fairprice finest. Oh, and Shaw Theatres for movie nights.

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Punggol Plaza is more for the Punggol easties – it’s located at Punggol Field. It’s a heartland mall, with a wet market downstairs (B1) and a bunch of tuition/enrichment centres upstairs (L4). There’s also an NTUC Fairprice there, but it closes at 11pm.

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Dining: places to eat in Punggol

Lots of people whine that there aren’t enough hawker centres in Punggol, and that’s something I can’t dispute. If you’re looking for good char kway teow, Punggol is simply not the place. (Sorry, the famous Punggol nasi lemak is no longer in Punggol. It’s at Jalan Besar.)

However, there are quite a few popular dining hotspots in Punggol. I can’t speak for the food, but the hip Punggol settlement and container park are at the very least quite Instagram-able.

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Punggol settlement

Perhaps the “coolest” area in Punggol is the Punggol settlement, which offers seafront dining at Punggol point.

Punggol container restaurant What they serve Estimated price per pax
Georges By The Bay Western fusion cuisine $
Trunk 95 At Bay Thai cuisine $
White Restaurant White bee hoon $
Fusion Mookata Thai bbq, karaoke & darts $$
Just The Place Western cuisine, booze $$
Leong Ji Seafood Seafood $$
Siam Square Mookata Thai bbq $$
House of Seafood Seafood $$$
InSpirit House Fusion cuisine $$$
Izakaya 95 Japanese cuisine, booze   $$$
Kampong Chai Chee Halal seafood zi char $$$
Ponggol Seafood Seafood $$$

Punggol container park at Tebing Lane

At the far east of Punggol is Tebing Lane, where the Punggol east container park is. It’s exactly as its name suggests – an enclave of container-cafes. There are 7 restaurants to check out:

Punggol container restaurant What they serve Estimated price per pax
Big Fish Small Fish Fish and crisps, western food $
D’Grill Local fusion cuisine $
Pump Station 1965 Beer, finger food $
Seoul Good Korean cuisine and fried chicken   $
Boost @ Banks Drinks, bar food & darts $$
L’Chaim Bistro Beer, finger food $$
Miami Bistro Beer, western fusion cuisine $$

Also near the container park in Tebing Lane are Uncle Leong Seafood ($$$) and Whisk & Paddle ($$), a brunch cafe.


Would you consider a future home in the up-and-coming Punggol? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 


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