Compilation of Updated Savings Account Interest Rates Amid Covid-19 Recession (May 2020)
In case you haven’t got the memo, the world is in recession. Last month, the U.S. Federal Reserve slashed ...
4 May 2020
Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: An Updated List of CCB Measures and Fines
Maybe one day I’ll be mature enough to not giggle at it, but as of now, I’m really tickled by how everyone ...
21 April 2020
[UPDATED] Solidarity Budget 2020 — $600 Solidarity Payment, 75% Co-Funding for Wages & More
By now, you should be pretty dang shaken by the social and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. If ...
21 April 2020 Charity Portal: 13 Charities for Covid-19 Donations in Singapore
The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak has shined light on the most vulnerable people in society, such as the ...
17 April 2020
GrabFood Singapore Guide (2020): Promo Codes, Delivery Fees, Subscriptions and More
Grab isn’t just about ride hailing anymore. They’ve now expanded into other services like GrabFood and ...
13 April 2020
covid-19 government assistance
Covid-19 Relief: Compilation of Government Financial Assistance Schemes
Unemployment during this Covid-19 outbreak is a very real thing. The government recently announced the ...
6 April 2020
budget 2020 covid19 measures
[UPDATED] Budget 2020 — Measures to Cushion Impact of Covid-19 on Key Sectors
One of the key themes of this year’s Budget 2020 announcement by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat is the ...
6 April 2020
singapore resilience budget 2020
[UPDATED] Resilience Budget 2020 — Up to $900 Cash for Singaporeans, $1,000 Monthly Payout for Self-Employed & More
Whether you care to admit it or not, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc globally. Even if you think that medically ...
6 April 2020
covid-19 part time job singapore
5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do During This Covid-19 Period
Covid-19 is a medical emergency, but its impact goes far beyond the healthcare industry. It has accelerated ...
1 April 2020
free parking singapore covid19
35 Shopping Malls With Free Parking Until Further Notice (Mar 2020)
Note: This article was written before Singapore’s circuit breaker measures were implemented. Although these ...
31 March 2020
covid19 health insurance
Covid-19 Health Insurance – 9 Insurers with Free Coronavirus Coverage
Ever since the global spread of Covid-19 — originating in Wuhan, China — Singaporeans (well, everyone, ...
22 March 2020
7 Industries Impacted by Covid-19 & How The Outbreak Is Disrupting Our Economy
Officially renamed Covid-19, the global novel coronavirus outbreak cases in Singapore are increasing every ...
17 February 2020
wuhan virus travel insurance
Travel Insurance Updates (Wuhan Coronavirus) — Are Your Cancelled Plans Covered?
Everyone is worried about the novel coronavirus, and for good reason: China is on lockdown, and globally, ...
10 February 2020
Watsons and Guardian Sold Out? Here are 5 Alternatives to Buy Surgical Masks in Singapore
The “Wuhan virus” (2019-nCoV) is giving me major 2003-SARS deja vu vibes, and I don’t like it. And as if ...
30 January 2020